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Complete  range of masking supplies

Stay protected from head to toe

We offer a complete line of fasteners for all repair needs. Keep yourself safe while doing any repair work. Protect surrounding surfaces with our masking products.


• Auveco

• Trim Screws

• Rivets

• Plastic Push-in

• Light Bulbs

• Screws

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Full assortment of fasteners and masking products

We take pride in our well-stocked inventory and are ready to assist with the service you need. Get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team now.

Fasteners for all body repair applications



• Gerson

• 3M


• Respirators

• Dust Masks

• Gloves

• Microflex

• Paint Suits

• Masking Tape

• Masking Paper

• Masking Plastic

• Masking Machines

• Fine Line Tape

• Trim Tape

• Foam Tape

• Bolts

• Nuts

• Shims

• Washers

• Plastic Fasteners